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Video : Gossamer Gear Gorilla Ultralight Backpack

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Gossamer Gear's slogan is take less. do more which is a philosophy that I adopted some time ago and I have a fair collection of ultralight equipment including my recently purchased Gorilla 40 that I was persuaded to try by my daughter a wilderness ranger in Washington's Cascade range, she uses the M ...

Gold Ridge Loop, Methow, WA.

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The Gold Ridge Loop hike starts from the Foggy Dew CG up Gold Creek Rd. opening up early (sometimes earlier than the road) after parking at the campground walk across the road and access a wide open ridge which climbs very steeply up the Southern exposed side of Gold Ridge and at the right time of ...

Steliko Canyon – Oklahoma Ridge Thru-hike

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My partner Steve and I pieced together a day hike originating up the the Entiat River Valley in Steliko Canyon visited Steliko Lookout which they are renovating and followed Steliko Ridge to Goman Ridge and out Oklahoma Ridge to a second vehicle at the mouth of Oklahoma Gulch  near the Columbia ...

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