80% of Americans Support the Endangered Species Act

80% of Americans Support the Endangered Species Act

A study by researchers at Ohio State University found that of the  people surveyed some 80% supported the Endangered Species Act while only 10% were opposed to it. According to lead researcher Jeremy Bruskotter  this level of support has remained stable for the last few decades. In an excerpt from the article in ScienceDaily Mr. Bruskotter elaborated on the actual reality on the ground  and the politically motivated rhetoric we often here from special interest in the media..


“Every time the ESA is in the news, you hear about how controversial it is. But the three most recent studies show that, on average, approximately 83 percent of the public supports it, and that’s sort of the opposite of controversial,” Bruskotter said.


The support breaks down overwhelmingly across the political spectrum.


About 74 percent of conservatives, 77 percent of moderates and 90 percent of liberals said they supported the act.

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The ESA’s primary goal is to prevent the extinction of imperiled plant and animal life, and secondly, to recover and maintain those populations by removing or lessening threats to their survival.

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