The FAR WEST HIKER blog serves as a platform to express thoughts, experiences, and news as it relates to outdoor recreation with a focus on running, hiking, backpacking, and peakbagging. I have been a runner for 40 years, and a wandering outdoor enthusiast in some form for 50 years and it feels good to immerse myself in the topics surrounding the outdoors. I learn a lot through the process of sharing and promoting what I have been able to enjoy and I hope it helps other people get back into their natural habitat. Some ask why we long to be out in the forest and mountains and why the sight of a mountain, stream, or wildflower can make us smile and the best answer I can come up with is that for most of human life these places were home, that is the connection, and we must take care of the remaining wild places and open spaces. This site will use blogs, photography, video, and podcast’s to spread the word. If you would like to contribute to the media produced on this site please contact me, regular and guest contributors are welcome.

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