Pine Beetles, Forest, and Wildfires

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  For years we trekked through National Forest noticing the dead and dying pine trees apparent victims of Pine Beetle infestation. Last year we were having lunch on the lower slope of a mountain in Washington's Sawtooth Wilderness and my partner commented on all the "Nuthatches" a species ...

Tarpiscan – Tekison – Quilomene Loop

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With the first consecutive days of warm to hot weather my long time hiking and backpacking partner Steve and I decided to head South to do a backpack through the desert foothills of Central Washington paralleling the Columbia River in the Colockum and Quilomene Wildlife Areas. It was a cool and ...

The Foothills

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I have had a lot of fun in the foothills and if you live in or around a mountain range you probably have too, the foothills are the transition zone between the low lying terrain called the plains  and the beginning of the relief that eventually becomes the high mountains at the crest, they occ ...

Glissading : The Snow Slide

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If you have spent time in the mountains gaining elevation in snow to reach your destination whether kicking in steps with boots, crampons, snowshoes, or rotating them all you know how tiring it can be, but as strenuous as the trip up is there are opportunities that arise that make the journey do ...

Speedgoat Mid v 2.0 for 2018

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I was hopeful but concerned when I learned last year that several mid to high top versions of Hoka One's trail runner / hiker's were not being shown at the Outdoor Retailers Show, but last week I got a glimpse of the 2018 shoe line in a retailers catalog and there it was version 2.0 of the Hoka One ...

Awesome Angle : Upper Entiat Ridge

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What a view of the Upper Entiat Ridge Peaks taken from the summit of Saska 8404' located to the East of Snow  Brushy Creek and Milham Pass in Washington's Glacier Peak Wilderness. Saska is one of the many 7 - 8k' peaks that form the border around the North Fork Entiat River Valley where it can ...

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