Carne Mountain and Southern Carne High Route, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Wa.

Carne Mountain and Southern Carne High Route, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Wa.

GTM – Holden
Stats : 10.6 mi, 5600′ r/t

Carne Mountain Meandering.

Good trip with the 509 crew, basecamp in Carne basin, great colors and weather, after setting up camp Steve and I headed for the summit of Carne Mountain 7085′ then dropped off to the pass below and the Carne High Route which is one of those unofficial trails in much better condition than official trails. I told him I had imagined this to be a obscure trail and not a clear super highway. The views were terrific as were the basins we came through which still had some water trickling just below the trail we made it out to the ridge just to the South of the basin leading up to Ice Box 8112′ but the cliffy slab rock gully’s leading down were wet and steep and time was short so we decided another time. We didn’t want to lose elevation and regain it the best approach looks like it may be just to the North off the trail and directly up the basin which is boulders, talus, scree, and pumice. Steve did Ice box with a friend when the entire area was snow bound so he didn’t know what it would be like without snow. Anyhow we dropped back down from near 7100′ into the basin and headed back. It did get down below freezing at some point but a 0 degree bag kept me more than comfortable. Good time my 4th trip up there the next day I drove my wife back up from Wenatchee and we took in all the colors.The original trip report and pictures can be found HERE.





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