Why Wildfires Have Gotten Worse

In this TEDx Talk video Forest Ecologist Paul Hessburg discusses the history of wildfire management and large wildfire growth from the pre-European practices of indigineous people to present day practices which have brought about large mega fires on a yearly basis. The original natural forest does not resemble the forest we have today and in this video he describes the reasons why.

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute is the only public and private partnership focused solely on wilderness awareness, education, and research. The institute was established in 1993 as the research organization for the National Wilderness Preservation System which includes the National Park Service, National Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management. An evolutionary timeline of the organization…

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Awesome Angle : Glacier Peak from McAlester Mountain

This photo was was taken from the summit of  7928′ McAlester mountain on Washington’s Sawtooth Ridge in the Stephen Mather Wilderness looking South at Glacier Peak which at 10,541′ is the 4th largest mountain in Washington as well as being  the most isolated stratovolcano in the state. Our trip to McAlester and Dee Dee Lake had us traveling through two…

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PlantSnap : Plant Identification App

I use to carry a laminated plant guide with me when I hiked or backpacked and made an effort to memorize plants especially wildflowers but with so many varieties my mental database seemed to be failing me over time when I found an App for my iPhone called “PlantSnap” that used a world wide database to analyze photos taken with…

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Awesome Angle : Motherlode 7905′ and South Creek Butte 7670′ (Crescent Mountain)

This Awesome Angle of Crescent Mountain’s highest peak Motherlode 7905′ and South Creek Butte 7670′ (site of an old fire lookout) is taken from the head of South Creek drainage near South Creek Pass, on the far right you can see a small portion of Crescent Mountain’s summit 7816′. Crescent Mountain is a huge land mass with eight lakes and…

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Impact of Human Caused Climate Change on Wildfire Across Western U.S. Forest | National Academy of Sciences

In an article authored by John T. Abatzoglou and A. Park Williams in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America titled ” Impact of anthropogenic climate change on wildfire across western US forest ” the authors in the Abstract explain what the science shows with respect to human influences on wildfire in Western U.S. Forest. An excerpt…

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