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Lake Serene 2/9/2005

Looking at the pictures in guidebooks and from post on the site, this looked like a great winter trip, and it didn't disappoint. The access is at around SR 2 milemarker 35 on the south extension of Index Rd., no snow on the road to the trailhead from Wenatchee or at the TH which is only around 600 ft., The parking lot had one car, good sign, the Lake Serene trail for the first 2 miles would make you believe it wasn't that much of a gainer, but after the falls spur trail intersection as you continue on towards the Lake you get the rocky continual switchbacks to the Lake which is somewhere around 2550'. The trail was wet and rocky, but no snow until around 1700' then only sparse patches of snow compacted down with little or no depth. At around 2400' the snow was a permanent part of the trail, again alot of compact areas from previous foot traffic, but some areas maybe 3-6 inches as you went on, the tricky part was the melted snow which made for some tricky ice along the trail. TH temp was around 35 degrees, skies were blue, visibility excellent for views as you ascended. The elevation gain is around 2000'. Once at the lake the mountains were beautifully snow dusted, looking up several thousand feet along there near vertical walls, you could hear ice, rock, snow falling making cracking and popping noises. I had some trail mix, clif bar, and GU at Lunch Box Rock, then checked out the valley view which was great with the clear skies, then started back down. I had planned on checking out Bridal Veil Falls from the spur trail more closely on the way back down, I was just beyond the slab falls where the trail passes and was looking for possible pictures (while walking on all those loose  rocks   shakehead.gif ) when one turned causing my left foot to turn and I came crashing down on my shoulder and hip into more rocks. Well my ankle hurt like hell so I decided just to walk out the last 2 miles. I have a sloppy left ankle which has been casted twice before, so I always wear high cut boots and try to be aware of it's tendency to hyperextend laterally. I made the trip, which is 8 miles in 4.5 hours  and took some great pics. The surrounding mountains are just beautiful and that is a must do hike. I'll have to take my daughter up there sometime.

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