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Mission Peak 6876', Wenatchee, Wa. 2/17/2005

Arrived at the TH about 7:30 am temp was 15 degrees skies clear just ahead of the sun, dayhiked Misson Peak 10.3 miles roundtrip, total elevation gain around 3000'. Snow the whole way, snowshoed the last near two miles on the trail to the summit which was totally untouched by anyone else, perfect, with 1-6' of snow predominantly light powder( trip up took 5 hours, down 3 hours 15 minutes) . This was one great trip, I can't believe it isn't in a guidebook with all the diversity of terrain and views. If it's a big mountain in Washington you can see it from there. Took me 8 hours and 15 mintes, gorgeous in the blue skies and sun on top, a real worker though. Photos are coming and they are awesome. Back at the TH temp was 25 degrees.

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