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Saddle Rock, Wenatchee, Wa. 4/3/2005

This was a spur of the moment dayhike to get everybody out and although I did my 6 mile run earlier I need to pick up the workouts for the coming busy season. We did this hike in early January with a wintry setting and it was beautiful again (and down the street) in early spring. The TH is right off the horse club, off the southern most part of Miller St. There are several different trails coming to this local landmark from various directions and them some. The trail is 2.64 miles roundtrip with 1026' of elevation gain and a high point of 1982'. It's a transitioning piece of terrain going from dry forested hills and mountains to treeless grass, brush and occasional rock formations. Snow covered 4,5,6k' mountains and ridgelines are seen as you work your way east to west gaining elevation. From a Wenatchee city view the rock formation looks exactly like a horse saddle profiled in rock. My wife Jeanette, Daughter Hannah, Son Aaron, and Sammy the Dachsund made the early spring hike.

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