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Silver Falls, Entiat River valley, Entiat, Wa. 3/27/2005

This was just a very short dayhike, my wife was told to check it out when we first moved out here, so with the road now open to whoever can make it through I decided around 11 a.m. today to check the area out, not just the falls, but road conditions to other trailheads that can be accessed from Entiat River Rd. The road is now open with no barricades, but has not been plowed. The snow around the 27-28 mile marker gets to be around a foot deep, it is really soft, slushy and melting out in spots, but from that point is constant to Silver Falls TH and we went beyond to the 31 mile marker, which leaves 7 miles until Cottonwood Campground the roads end at 38 miles, which at this time nobody has gone the last 7 miles.
Anyway this was a modest dayhike 1.8 miles, 720' elevation gain on a well established trail that circles the falls area. We ( Hannah my daughter and I ) from looking at the trail were the first out there this spring, wet grainy snow from 0 to a foot was left on the trail. The falls were beautiful, the woodsy smell of pine and decomposing matter, with the snow and temp. of around 45 degrees was refreshing. Views of Signal and Cougar Mountains along with other nameless points could be seen across the Entiat River Valley. We encountered no rain while there, but low clouds predominantly obscured the ridgeline and peaks except for brief periods. It was fun to poke around back in there as it is a major portal where by trail you can reach into the Glacier Peaks Wilderness and access The Lake Chelan area also. It is a bit of a drive to see the falls alone, but if your in the area, well worth a visit. Across the road from The Silver Falls Campground is another 1.2 mile loop next to the Entiat River. I used a Marmot Highlander fanny pack which worked well on the trip.

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