Mountain Joe

One of the many pleasures of backpacking in the mountains is waking up at the earliest hint of light through the tent, layering up, putting on the head lamp, and welcoming the dawn of a new day with morning coffee. There is a show time anticipation, an event like excitement associated with this fine beverage however you may brew it, as you watch the light unveil the dark and illuminate the mountains with a reddish hue known as ” Alpenglow“. It’s a fantastic experience that never gets old, a ritual which often has me spending several hours immersed in the quiet colors long before some of my backpacking partners care to rise. I do have a partner who will hail me from his tent asking, “Are you up yet, are you ready for coffee ?” And were up. Good times. FYI : I  have through trial and error come to using Starbucks Via packets for my morning coffee my wife buys them on sale in bulk at Grocery Outlet, Costco, and occasionally Fred Meijer . The packets are small and lightweight, the flavor is very good, while preparation is limited to adding the micro-ground to hot or cold water depending upon your preference.

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