Podcasted : A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Trailhead

A few years ago a funny thing happened on the way to the trailhead. I did an overnight peakbagging trip in the North Cascades with a new partner, he drove East to Central Washington from Seattle and picked me up, then we drove North another 100 miles to the trailhead . It was during our drive together that I was first exposed to the concept of the “podcast” which was a different form of media than I was use to, normally I would be listening to music, but here we were listening to an informative, and well spoken narration. It was different for me, but an everyday routine for him on his urban commutes, long pilgrimages to the mountains, and even as he rested in his tent. I remember noting his Ipod plugged into a USB port on the stereo as he explained how he downloaded shows from the internet, peeking at the screen It seemed his podcasts were equal to my albums numerically speaking.

Fast forward and here I am today not only following podcast’s, but hoarding them, they have a unique way of communicating all most everything you would want to hear and the genres seem unlimited. So podcasting looks like yet another medium for sharing the world around us and I guarantee there is a show focusing on your favorite topics. In my browsing I have come across many great podcast’s, but the categories close to my heart are predominantly running, hiking, and backpacking related. I recently saw several articles attempting to make a best outdoor podcast list like this one  or another that narrowed it down to 18 which was a good number yet incomplete in the big picture. I just listened to “The First Forty Miles” a podcast focusing on hiking and backpacking, the episode was called “Weight and Bulk” a discussion on going ultralight, one of my trends these days. Below I have the podcast’s cover art and the episode I just mentioned as a sample.

Weight and Bulk


So now that I have become habituated by this “gateway media” I have been trending towards starting a personal podcast sharing ideas and experiences of my own, I believe we all have something to offer, and a desire to reach out and share, podcasting presents us with yet another opportunity to do just that.


Listen up : Podcasting has finally arrived

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