Sit On It : The Helinox Ultralight Camp Chair

I’m not a camper, I like to feel the ultralight freedom of  backcountry adventures to wild places on and off trail, but as the years pass by sometimes, maybe more often than not low stones and angled logs become less tolerable if they are even available especially with a foam sit pad, then my backpacking partner shows up with Helinox’s Chair Zero which he raved about, I was initially skeptical of the idea of a space occupying, 13 oz. piece of luxury gear but when I sat in it I was a hell of a lot more comfortable though it did offend my minimalist philosophy but with a few more trips behind us he breaks out an updated version the Helinox Chair One which sits a little higher and has higher back support and I tried that one evening after 31 miles, 9200′ of elevation gain  playing in Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness and while it felt very comfortable I was a firm NO when I found out it weighed 2.1 lb. which is more than my backpack, or my shelter, or my sleeping bag and actually more than some combinations of the two, but with over 100 years of hiking and backpacking between us I guess our weathered bodies deserve a little TLC and each of us is capable of making choices that we will have to live with so I have gone and done it I purchased a Chair Zero for those trips where I can justify it (like when I don’t have fishing gear or ice axe and crampons, or both) but yeah I like it and have practiced stretching out in the living room in preparation for future use. I have no doubt that the designs will improve and lighten in the future but for now the most I can accept is the Chair Zero while the Chair One might be an option for a road side basecamp. 


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