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The Cross of the Moment : Climate Documentary

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The documentary "The Cross of the Moment" from the websites homepage ... A deep-green, deep-time discussion of the environmental crisis, The Cross of the Moment is a feature length documentary that attempts to connect the dots between Fermi’s Paradox, climate change, capitalism, and c ...

“Sunny Day” Tidal Flooding

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InsideClimate News recently reported on the increase in "Sunny Day" tidal flooding citing a federal study claiming  the oceans are rising about 3 millimeters a year on average, driven primarily by melting land ice and warming water, which expands. That rate is accelerating, and it has led to a ...

Pine Beetles, Forest, and Wildfires

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  For years we trekked through National Forest noticing the dead and dying pine trees apparent victims of Pine Beetle infestation. Last year we were having lunch on the lower slope of a mountain in Washington's Sawtooth Wilderness and my partner commented on all the "Nuthatches" a species ...

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