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The Twin Peaks Traverse 2019

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  The Twin Peaks Traverse has been an evolving hike which began as the usual trip looking at mountains, ridges, and topographic maps, driven by curiosity, and the desire to explore off the beaten path, and piecing together a route from here to there which continually became extended in 2 ...

Horse Lake Reserve Wildflower Loop ll

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I did a terrific wildflower hike in the Horse Lake Reserve area on the North side of Horse Lake Mountain (aka Twin Peaks) with my wife and it was incredible we both really enjoyed the bumper crop of wildflowers especially the Balsam Root, Lupine, Blue Bells, Butter Cups etc... that trip was posted e ...

Glissading : The Snow Slide

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If you have spent time in the mountains gaining elevation in snow to reach your destination whether kicking in steps with boots, crampons, snowshoes, or rotating them all you know how tiring it can be, but as strenuous as the trip up is there are opportunities that arise that make the journey do ...

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