Teanaway Ridge via the Iron Bear Trail

Teanaway Ridge via the Iron Bear Trail

It had been two weeks since I tore a muscle in my calf on what was to be a long anticipated backpacking trip up the Andrews Creek trail in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness to climb several peaks on high ridges and fish several lakes well off the beaten path. I had to slowly make my way back to the truck with a full pack averaging 1 mph then cautiously start to re-acclimate my healing muscle to both running and hiking, what a time for an injury right about prime time for backcountry adventures and this would be my first hike to stress test my progress.

The Iron Bear trail leading to Teanaway Ridge is about as perfectly graded and maintained as you could hope for a trail to be and once on The Ridge you have expansive views as well as access to quite a few nice spots in and around the Eastern Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I have been through these areas many times but today was for mental and physical therapy,  my wife came along as this was a trip she had never done before and thought it was absolutely beautiful.

I pushed it until my calf let me know with a few muscle twitches that it was time to turn around and be able to extend my distance and elevation another day and I was happy to “get where I got” so we headed back to the pass where we had lunch and enjoyed the scenery and solitude that you can still find on a week day then made it back to the car under a light rain. It ended up just filling  the day with the driving added in while the slower pace kept me more immersed and in touch with the finer details I might have missed if I was just passing through to a destination. We had a good time. Fall forward !


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